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The Spoon Inn


The Spoon Inn

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At The Spoon Inn we are really passionate about what we have to offer. We firmly believe that quality is the most important thing. In a world that has sold itself to mass production we intend to deliver the best quality products at affordable prices. Our aim is to provide our customers with a variety of food and beverage which have been sourced locally whenever possible, and from around the world. These products will be prepared and served on our premises, in the style they were originally intended.

The idea which has now become 'The Spoon Inn', began as a simple conversation amongst three friends, local to the area, voicing our opinions about the lack of really good coffee and tea houses, so we decided to do something about it. Since then the business has developed from coffee and tea, to include food and alcohol. Things will always naturally change and evolve but we consider it to be our obligation to get our coffee and tea spot on. We don’t claim to be experts and have tried to avoid coming across as pretentious in any way. For this reason we are open to our customer’s views about our products and techniques. You may find that we do things slightly differently at The Spoon Inn.

Manchester is a hive of creativity, buzzing with all kinds of artistic life. The Spoon Inn endeavours to capture this unique quality. We will be showcasing work from local musicians, poets, actors, comedians and artists so that you, our customers, will be entertained while your palates are being stimulated. Located in Chorlton’s up and coming Barlowmoor rd Parade (opposite the bus station), you will find us open seven days a week. We look forward to meeting you face to face!


Spooning Explained!

Spooning Explained!


What we do here...




Sourced directly by our suppliers, from family run and independent farmers, we offer a variety of coffee blends from across the world. We rotate our in house bean weekly, which will give our customers the opportunity to try a varied array of coffee. As well as our weekly bean, we will have Vietnamese Coffee, our in house speciality coffee that is well worth trying. 


Loose Leaf Tea

We have a large selection of loose leaf teas from Oolong and Masala Chai, to Earl Grey Duchess and Egyptian camomile available in store at all times. We are firm believers in the multi benefits of high quality tea. We serve our teas in an authentic ‘Gong Fu’ glass tea set. Please feel free to come in and talk to our staff about the medicinal properties of various teas.



Our food menu consists of healthy produce sourced from local suppliers where possible and prepared in house to offer our customers the finest quality food we can offer. During the day we offer a huge breakfast menu with veggie & vegan options. Lunch then turns to our Sandwich range that offers a range of creative and delicious fillings carefully constructed by sandwich masters. Our burgers are all made with Organic beef or free range chicken ensuring the best possible quality.

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If you like music then The Spoon Inn is a place to chill out on weekend evenings and listen to an eclectic range of musical genres provided and mixed by our resident DJ's. To see our full listings of DJ's check out our events page. We also have acoustic music nights and other themed nights supported by local artists.  

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Art House

Our back room is an independent art exhibition area where local artists showcase their work. We continue to have a lead role in the Chorlton Arts Festival and have regular launches when a new artist showcases their new work. 

Our current art house resident is 'Dzekutis' who has graced our windows with his art for some time. Come down and see his illustration master class. Prints available to buy over the bar.